Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What to do with Browns

formula for DARK CHILI.

The outside dark brown in the picture is 1/4 yard of Pendelton rust. A dark brown that is kind of blah on it's own. The Center picture is when I put the formula over a camel. I think the dark brown would look lovely as a background with green, red and oranges over the rust color.The picture does not do it justice. The camel piece reminds me of fall leaves.


1/32 spearmint in 1 cup
1/32 388 red in 1 cup Add 1/4 tea. citruc acid to each cup.
1/32 orange in 1 cup

I used a Presto Pot, put in my 1/4 yard of wool. In a wandering style I added
1/3 of the one cup of spearmint. I waited about 7 minutes for the water to almost clear. Then added all of the red. Pour over in spots on the wool. Wait until the water clears again and then add the orange in the same manner.

Next I tried the same formula over the camel. I think that a grey might work well with this formula and give me a good surprise but did not have time to try that day.
So what I am trying to say is experiment with what you have. Put more than one color of wool in your pot and get ready for a great surprise.

Dyeing should be fun and don't be afraid to try. You will have a great basket of wool by the time you get to Rug School.

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deetta said...

Thank you wooley trout will try this formula today!