Friday, May 21, 2010

Dyeing for Rug School

I have been dyeing for Rug School this week and can't hardly wait. It will soon be upon us and I have been busy doing other things but am ready now to concentrate on getting my stash ready. Everything has been popping and I always needs greens for most of my work. Looking outside gives me lots of inspiration. So here is the latest formula. SEA OF GREEN.

1/4 tea. 728 green

1/32 tea. 119 yellow

1/32 tea. 503 brown These are all Pro Chem dyes

Add all of the above in approx 12 oz. of BCW and add 1/4 tea. citric acid or 1/4 cup vinegar.

In a prosto Pot or pan on the stove I added 1/4 yard of natural wool . I used only 3 oz. (or

1/4th of the formula) and poured over the wool and around it. Swish it in the pan but don't keep

stiring it all the time. Walk away. check back in about 5 minutes.

While you are waiting, mix 1/16 725 forest green in two Add 1/8th tsp. citric acid. After the 5 minutes are up move your wool around and use 1/2 cup of the above 725 to pour over the

spots that don't have much color or where a co ntrast is needed.

Don't stir much just enough to get all the spots covered. Cook in the pot until the water is clear.

The above formula will dye 1 yard or natural.. Or try it over camel.


I will try to get back in a few days and we will talk about some of those browns that you have waiting to be dyed but keep wondering why you ever purchased them and what to do with them.

Until then, remember that these dyes are only suggestions. If you have Majic Carpet dyes or

Cushing dyes, they all have colors that are similar. Just use the method and experiment and

above all HAVE FUN.

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