Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dyeing for Rug School

As I talked about in the last Post, I am getting ready for rug school and dyeing for it to come soon! Just a little hooking humor. It is getting so nice outside and I wanted to create some greens to hurry on the good weather. So I created Sea of Green.

I mixed 1/2 t. 728 green, 1/16 t. yellow 119, and 1/16t. 503 brown ( a green-brown). Mixed in 2 cups water. I used 3 oz. of the mixture over 1/4 yard of natural wool. I put this in a presto pot. Don't stir much. Just get the wool covered. Just push the wool down and swish a few times. Then I used 1/32 grasshopper in 1 cup bw after the first colors had mostly taken up. I then poured the grasshopper in spots over the wool. I just kept moving the natural around to get the grasshoper green in spots all over the wool. Give the dye a minute to set in each spot before moving . If you don't have enough grasshopper or are running out then add a little more water to the grasshopper mixture and continue spotting. This give you different values of the same color over the wool or an abrash.

Play with this and have fun. Not dark enough?, then add more of the original mixture to the pot.

I keep my presto pot at a temp. just under boiling if possible.

In future posts I will be looking at some of those wools that I can't think of what to do with them.

Why did I ever purchase that brown material? And what will I do with it?. So see you soon with some answers.

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