Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Ready for Rug School

We are getting very excited about our upcoming rug school. Usually in preperation you have picked out your pattern and are discussing with your teacher what all you will need. Picking colors for your rug is a very personal thing and sometimes you might want to come up with those colors by yourself. I'm not suggesting that you need to dye all your wools. It is to much fun to look over all the colors and textures that come with shopping at rug school. But sometimes the only way you can find that great color is to dye it yourself. So every week or two we plan to post a picture and formula and how to make your own special piece of wool

Here is the first one: Field of Flowers

2/32 Chartruse, 1/32 Aqua Marine, and 1/32 boysenberry

Using 1/2 yard of natural in a Presto Pot I first added 2/32 Chartruse mixed up in 1 cup of water. I used 1/2 of the formula to put in the post before I put in the wool. I put the wool in and then added water to the formula to bring it up to 1 cup again. I poured the cup over the top, around the side and lifted the wool some. I then let it cook until the water started to clear. Next I added 1/32 Aqua Marine to 1 cup of water. I moved the wool some and turned it over. I then added the Aqua Marine over the top, in spots that did not have color and around the sides. I waited until the water mostly cleared ( about 5-10 minutes). Then mixed 1/32 boysenberry in 1 cup water. I looked for spots in the wool that did not have color and poured this on them. Once again after one half of the boysenberry was used I added water. Depending if the spots were all covered I might not use all the boysenberry. If my wool has lost some of the green that I like I might add another 1/32 charturse or maybe not. This depends on how the material took the dye and how hot the water was. The main thing to remember is not to stir you wool. Stirring will muddy the colors.

If you don't have all these dyes then try grasshopper, turquoise and fuschia. You will get something very similar .

This looks like a light field of flowers. If you want something darker than use only 1/4 yard of natural .

Have fun and just relax. We'll be back in a few days with another formula.

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