Thursday, June 17, 2010

Glen Greens

In my continuing to get ready

for Rug School I started dyeing

greens the other day.

I like to use other colors of wool

than natural which I am finding to

be more scarce.

So I turned to the wonderful book

Prisims # 2 by Claire deRoos and Nancy MacLennan. I find this book of 57 straight gradations and 102 transitionals to be a wonderful resource. These women were gracious enough to allow me to post the formula.

Glen (or PR#15)

3/4 yellow # 119 , 1/4 Turquoise # 487 , 1/32 Black # 672 , and 1/32 magenta # 349

I usualy mix this formula with 2 cups boiling water and then add 1/8th citric acid to the bath.
I put 1/4th of the dye solution in a smaller container and then pour 1/2 of that solution in the dye water as it is almost boiling. I add my 1/4 yard of material. Push that under the water

and then slowly add the balance of the dye over the top. I don't stir much but do push the material down and swish it once around during the process. Then wait for the water to clear.

The above formula was poured over 1/4 yd. camel shown on the left hand side and 1/4 yard

of a Pendelton color caused seafoam. A light aqua blue. I still have half the original formula stored in a jar for a future day of dyeing.

The Prisims spots and Prisims 2 books are a wonderful reference for your dye library. They are affordable and are found in most places where rug hooking supplies are found. So grab a book,
get out the dye pots and go for it.

Next week is Rug School so get prepared for picture and share the fun with us.

P.S. last time I posted I gave the wrong number for a red in th formula. It should be #366.

But if you don't have that then try the red you have and just go for it. Life is to short

not to experiment and find out what wonderful things can come out of your dye pot.

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