Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Teacher Feature UPDATE

This is our featured teacher ... Dianne Klamik.   Someone asked for a picture, and here you go.  No longer will Dianne be able to remain anonymous.  From previous posts, I showed you some of her other rugs.  Now .... drum roll .... this is what she will be teaching in June in Manistee, 2012. 

Potted Geranium Dummy Board

Geraniums are a universal favorite.  Create the potted geranium by hooking and prodding.  No special skills needed.  This kit has everything to complete the project.  Enjoy your blooms all year round.
side view
close up detail.

click on the label link at the bottom of the page for 2012 Manistee Rug School Registration to sign up.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Teacher Feature for 2012

Dianne Klamik

Dianne tries to stay under the radar as far as teaching, I understand.  She has MANY students, but teaches in her home.   Well, luckily we have her coming to officially teach a class in Manistee in 2012. 

Dianne will be teaching a class using a kit she is designing with a pot of flowers on a dummy board.  A dummy board?   Below are pictures of "dummy boards" of her Santa and Mrs Claus to show you what they are.   They are also called picture boards, hospitality figures and silent companions.  They were often done of pets, children or flowers.   Her final design for the class is still in the works and will be posted here as soon as she gets the pictures to me .... !!!!

Above in the example of what a dummy board is.  What a great way to display your work!

Also Dianne sent me some pictures of other rugs she has done.   Take a look.   The sheep and the flowers in the vase are prodded.   She does all cuts, as you can see with her beautiful fine shading on the animals.

Keep checking back for the pictures of the actual project for class.

To register for class, click on the label link below to the 2012 Manistee Rug School Registration.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

2011 Manistee Rug School - Rug Exhibit

Finally...where did the time go.   Will add a few at a time.   Still working on them.  If name misspelled or on wrong rug, my apologies.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011 Manistee Rug School

After lunch each day, each teacher gave a short informative talk.

After school adventures included

A trip to the Lake Bluff Audubon Center to see Michigan's largest giant Sequoia and Sycamore Maple trees, along with the arboretum

We also visited a local woodcarver/sculpture's summer studio

Donna gets up close and personal with the sculpture here
Dinner in Frankfort  at The Fusion ...

And then a trip down M-22 along Lake Michigan to the lookout in Arcadia for a beautiful sunset

Next up will be rug show pictures, which may take a while ...