Sunday, November 8, 2009

Purse Workshop

September workshop.

Our Guild had the opportunity to have Jennifer visit this year, and what a treat it was. She had many patterns, wool, sari ribbon and other goodies to show us and gave us hints and tips and how-to's on her patterns, how she designed them and their construction.

Here are a few pictures of the participants.

Judy, Karen and Alaina

MaryAnn and Jeannie

Karen hard at work.


Jen helping Judy B and Candy on their projects.



Debbie as always far ahead of the rest of us.


Bee and her Bar-Jello

Donna and Pat K

Jewelee and Debbie again.

Jeannette (no I'm not trying to sneak a picture of you napping!)

Now pictures of projects in progress.

Plaid in progress

Mary's birds

Jewelee's Cornflowers

Bee's Bar-Jello

Jeannie's Skeleflora

Alaina's Pomegranates

Donna's Peonies.

After class, Jen's tour guide took her about the state to see the sights, one of which was Sleeping Bear Dunes.

View from the "top" .... well, the top for us older people.

And of course, Jen made it much farther.

Wonderful time, fabulous food, three days with friends and a great teacher ... what more could one ask for?

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