Wednesday, June 10, 2009


12 days and counting. OMG! Do we have everything?

Is the weather going to be okay?

OH NO! That was LAST month!

Joking aside, we are going PINK this year. This is the first page of our school brochure.

We want to again raise awareness of breast cancer and show support to our sisters, mothers and friends who have been affected by this disease. We all know someone; if not you, maybe the person sitting next to you. We know the statistics; we know how important early detection and treatment are; we know all the bad stuff; we know the good stuff; we know so much, yet we still know so little.

Well, we’re here to tell you a few things for certain:

It cannot cripple love.
It cannot shatter hope.
It cannot corrode faith.
It cannot eat away peace.
It cannot destroy confidence.
It cannot kill friendship.
It cannot shut out memories.
It cannot silence courage.
It cannot reduce eternal life.
It cannot quench the spirit.
It cannot lessen the power of resurrection.
(Unknown Author)

This week, let’s all honor those who have survived and also those who fought the battle unsuccessfully in hopes that their courage sustains us all until a cure is found.

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