Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Special People

We missed some of you this year ... Our thoughts are with you!

Also Susan, glad you could make it if only for a couple of days.

Rug Exhibit - Second Installment

What happens at rug school .... stays at rug school

Yes, and she was granting wishes at Manistee Rug School.

Rug Exhibit - First Installment

Here are a FEW of the many rugs at the exhibit. My apologies for any spelling errors or credit errors.


More to come ... lots of editing to do here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As the temperature rises, our intrepid hookers keep to the task at hand with only minor interruptions .... oh no, here she comes with her camera again.

Class pictures today!

Jenny Podlasek's class

Anne Eastwood's class ........ and YES her luggage FINALLY ARRIVED (but we weren't going to say anything about airlines, right)!!!

Cindi Gay's class

Carol Kassera's class

During the day, our personal massage therapist was busy keeping everyone's hooking muscles toned up.

And then after a full day, it was time to relax ... Tuesday night picnic/fish boil.
Ken Franklin worked and slaved all year long to supply us with enough fish, and, you know, it's a tough job, but he's up for it.

It appeared that all were happy with dinner and had some time to chat over the past two days events and enjoy the view on Portage Lake.

Finally, a room with a view ... out atop the hills overlooking Portage Point and over the hill to Lake Michigan as the sun sets ... WOW, what a day!

Tomorrow is the rug exhibit. May take a while to sort out as I want to get names and rugs matched up. Updates to follow.

Monday, June 22, 2009

6/22/09 ... part four

Carol Kassera's class was bustling with many busy students and beautiful projects later in the week for show and tell. This is Carol's first trip to our area, and we are SO happy that she joined us.

6/22/09 ... part three

Now we have Cindi Gay's group, all marveling at all the eye candy Cindi brings with her. Aren't we all lucky!!!!!

6/22/09 ... part two

Next class is Anne Eastwood's group, all working diligently on their projects. And we are NOT going to mention anything about airlines and luggage mix ups with Anne ....!!!!!!!

Anne demonstrates some of her braiding techniques to students

And THIS YOUNG LADY ... well, we love Rita ... as always rug school is supposed to be fun and relaxing.